Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Global warming, it ain't hot

Global warming is a serious problem that the whole Planet earth is facing. It is no longer a myth but a fact and is very evident. Have you noticed the unpredictable and sudden climate changes, and the excessive heat that we are now experiencing? It is due to the accumulated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which is caused by wasted energy, coal, pollution, etc. Let’s act now, while we can before it’s too late!

Please Join the campaign and let our voices be heard!
I’m tagging everyone to Post this Message on Their Blogs. Please Pass it on!

I signed up to join the Stop Global Warming Virtual March and I encourage you to add your voice as well. Global warming is the most urgent issue of our time and since we are all contributors to global warming pollution we must all be part of the solution. Joining the Virtual March is a first step to joining the movement to demand solutions now.

You can join by visiting: http://www.stopglobalwarming.org/countmein.asp

StopGlobalWarming.org’s mission is to use the strength of numbers to urge our government to address global warming, and urge businesses to start a new industrial revolution of clean energy that reduces our dependence on oil and helps stop global warming.

Together we can make a difference.

Personal message from Stanley

I don't know about you but I'm getting REALLY worried about the condition of our Malaysian weather. Right now, it should be the "dry" season yet it rains so heavily every now and then.

You know what makes it worse? The rain is actually destroying all our durian! DURIAN!!! OMG! Too much water makes the durian flesh to be soggy, loosing its texture.

Therefore, pass on this message to everyone else. I, Stanley, hereby tag you, O blog readers to pass on this message of peace to our fellow Malaysians. *cue inspirational music*

Stop global warming. Save the durians.

ps: All you BRATs are tagged =)

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