Friday, April 4, 2008


These two week are my exam weeks. I have been so tied up with stuff I need to release it somewhere, somehow. SO, I decided to release it by doing something crazy.

What did I do? Did I cut myself? Did I jump off a building? Did I bang my head on the wall? Did I bang my head on the wall? Check out the video to find out what I did =)

You guys should try it sometime =) Clear your minds and get in to the zone....


  1. ohmygawd stanley that cracked me up so badddd so funny ah...well at least we know asians can rap too! with assistance from lyrics that is :)))) happy studying!


  2. haha i can c that u r looking at the lyrics!! =D
    juz remind me so much about kenny's parody video..

  3. Hhahaha...lolz. I'd NEVER be able to memorize the rapping part =) Glad to you all had fun watching it.

    And everything I do have to be associated with Kennysia? HAhahah...lolz

  4. Good luck in your exam dude!

  5. Thanks Windwalker! And hi to ogthug =)

  6. lol you SPM-ers, very the productive I see!

    btw stanley can you update me on the painting project thing (because I can't make it to the meeting at Menara Star for geographical reasons), please and thank you!


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