Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stanley Bored on a Train

I was on my way back from Kuala Lumpur by the beloved KTM train, who never fails to arrive on time (chokes and gags). Jokes aside, the train is always full of character. So here is a few shots I took in the train. Lomography enthusiasts like you Alex would love these shots =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sunset in/from my window

Aiks, got blogger's block lately cause' have not got anything worth talking about. Here's some shots I took at the back of my house =) The sky that day was just really beautiful. Can't help but to grab a few shots!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Biggest Dance Battle in Youtube History

Not sure if most of you are aware of it but apparently this thing has caught the eye of news headlines in AMERICA. So, most of us here in Malaysia might not have heard of it.

It started when Jon Chu (director of Step Up 2), who has a vlog on youtube challenged Miley Cyrus, who also has a vlog on youtube to a dance battle. Miley accepted that challenge and immediately started recruiting a star studded "cru" which includes Channing Tatum, etc.

Here's her video.

Honestly I've never been a dance fanatic but I don't loath it either. I thought her video was good although I doubt that she did it herself, let alone coordinate the whole thing. Her "people" most likely did it. But heck, I thought it was worth that few minutes.

But wait, its not over. The challenger Jon Chu posted up a video soon after that. Being the director of Step Up 2, a dance movie there is bound to be lots of pressure on him.

He did not get left behind in acquiring a star studded "cast". He had Lindsay Lohan, Adam Sadler and Chris Brown! I was going "WOW"! All this trouble for a youtube video?!! I guess I would have done the same thing. Don't wanna loose face to a young girl =_=

Here's his video.

After watching that video, all I can say is,

"Miley, you got served!"

Jon Chu really did live up to the expectations. His cru was not anymore talented than Miley's cru. The thing that made the difference was the was the creativity of the entire thing. If you watched it, the whole "bottle-on-the-bar" thing was real genius for me. The Adam Sevani dude did pretty well too. I heard he's one of the characters from Step Up 2 (which I did not watch....). Sister said it was pretty good though.

Well, its not over! They both got soo much publicity that they decided to go for another round. Their first videos got 5,540,488 (Miley) and 3,431,833 (Jon Chu) respectively. Despite Jon Chu getting less views, most people can agree Miley got owned! Lolz....hahahah.

They would be unveiling their videos this Tuesday/Wednesday. Don't get me started about the time zones, too lazy to get that checked out.

You can go to either of these links to check them out.

Personally, no offense to Miley Cyrus but I hope Jon Chu would "serve" her again =)