Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Really Wanna Watch Zombieland

Update: I got the tickets! Alright I'll see you people who will be going next Wednesday.

The trailer itself got me interested (just as every other trailer). Looks like one awesome movie to watch. Come on, everyone loves a good zombie flick.
Advertlets have always been giving out tickets to watch movie premiers, and I've never made an effort to write up a convincing post on why I should be given tickets to watch the movie.

Well, now that I'll be out from school for term break, the screening time is actually convenient for me! For those who do not know, I attend a boarding school. And yeah, we're not allowed to go out of schools during weekdays for any reason let alone to watch a movie.

And I think its also time I meet all the wonderful people I've known online all these while. Haih, I want to be in those camwhore pictures that everyone post online after these big screenings happen. lol =____=

A pair of tickets each (that’s two tickets) would be given to the first 15 Bloggers who write a post up in their site on how badly they want to watch Zombieland!

Hmm, show how badly I want it?

How about, the screening which is on the 8th of December is my BIRTHDAY. And I think that it would be nice to watch a movie premier on the night of my birthday. Is that too much to ask? =D

Click here is you want to win tickets too

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Kelvin took this picture of me whilst fooling around with my camera in Singapore. Kinda like this picture =D 1 week away from term break. Wooooohhhh!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hard Rock Cafe in Makati, Philippines (Music Fobissea 2009)

We went here on our first night in the Philippines. Its was my first time visiting a Hard Rock Cafe after hearing so much about it. Really cool place and I like the concept though the merchandise is really expensive. Buy two t-shirts rid my wallet of all the pesos I had.

The hosting school, the British School Manilla (BSM) put up a mini concert thing for us. There were some memorable performances. The vibe was hyper! Especially with everyone being so supportive, screaming before and after every performance. Imagine a 100+ choir with almost half of them being sopranos. Now imagine all of them screaming 0__0

In front of that famous logo.

I think we filled up the whole place that night. The place was buzzing with activity and teenagers chatting happily among themselves. Food was good and there was free flow of drinks. Everyone was very eager to get the whole music festival started.

Oh yeah, drinks......the thing I noticed while in the Philippines is that we were served iced tea EVERYWHERE! Breakfast-ice tea, lunch-ice tea, lol we even had ice tea for tea. Every single meal we had ice tea for drinks. Perhaps this must be a Philippino thing.

A little of what Fobissea Music 2009 is all about. It brought about 16 schools together, musicians and singers. The orchestra and choir have their repertoir, so we practice our stuff for the 5 days and finally perform it on Sunday night in front of a large audience.

Choir repertoire was Ain't Misbehavin, Dry Your Tears Africa, The Heavens are Telling, We Are the World, and the Halleluyah Chorus.

More coming about the Philippines and next stuff about Singapore. Still have loads of stuff to put up here. And the holidays are coming in two weeks and I am really looking forward to it. I miss home so much, haven't been back there lately.


I want to sink back into my normal comfortable routine, heading to the Mamak coffee shop on a Saturday and enjoy a roti canai. Really miss those little things I have while at home. I'm counting down the days!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Singapore at a glance

We went for our registration today, woke up at such an early hour to have breakfast and get ready by 8. Everyone was looking very smart with our long sleeved formal clothes. Guess what? We were the only ones dressed like that. (lol!) (except for the ones conducting the registration of course)

For the first time in my life I bought a sandwich from a vending machine (yes!), a vending machine! Cooks in exactly 90 seconds. Pretty awesome since I was a little 'katak di bawah tempurung', witnessing this sandwich making vending machine for the first time.

Turns out today is lobbying free (lobbying-we discuss our resolutions with other people) so we got to go back early.

Part of the MUN team from KTJ camwhoring with the wall.

Monday, November 16, 2009

FOBISSEA Music Festival in Manila, Phillipines

Note: Just a quick hi to everyone! Sorry for keeping this space empty for so long. They wanted to to charge me 500 pesos an hour for internet at the hotel so I was like no way I'm gonna pay that amount of money. In Singapore now for the THIMUN confererence. Had a short panic at KLCC when I lost my boarding pass one hour before the flight. THANK GOD it was all sorted out in the end. It had me running all over the place.

I had such a good time there, singing in such a big choir. Everything was executed very well, from the police motorbike in front of our buses that allows us to buzz through traffic (apparently we can drive in the opposite lane and its the other driver's job to avoid us) to the food.

Our final visit to the slums in the Phillipines was also another amazing experience. I had no idea that the kids were literally studying in a dumpsite. The stench from the rubbish was really strong. Will talk more about this later.

The team happy and ready to go.

Been such a long time since I had a McD breakfast burger. =D

Photo of me in the plane =D I repeat.....a photo of me!! (lol I know its rare)

This is the hall that we performed in. The size is massive! And the sound system is just too good to describe. We had some solo performance one of the nights and the microphones made the singers sound so good, though talent was a big factor too.

Alright I gotta head to bed now. Gotta wake up later to do some lobbying and such. Live long and prosper!

Oh, and a big thanks to my Dad who so generously sponsored me and let me experience this event. Had such a great time. Thanks pa!

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Love Fridays


The Head of 6th Form in my school dishes out these awesome cupcakes (with the help of some helpful kids) every Friday. Last week however, we had them on sale on Wednesday for a fund raising event. Will blog more about that later

Its so nice to have something to look forward to on Friday. I might be having a crappy day but then the cupcakes help make it all better. =D

Friday, November 6, 2009

Exploring the Unknown

One of the perks of being a photographer =D Thanks everyone for being so hospitable and taking instructions so well (lol that did not come out right). I had a good time filming you guys. Video will be up next Monday during assembly so watch out for that!

By the way, the girl's house has a really cool layout. They have this whole prison break thing going on, with the high ceilings and the railings. Their rooms are also very nicely decorated, a tad too pink but still nicely decorated. Perhaps I'll post some of those pictures up some other time.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Music from Heaven

Last week, its was Music Week in my school and the school choir went on a tour around Seremban to bring music to primary school children. We sang pieces from famous broadway musicals like Mamma Mia, the Lion King and the Phantom of the Opera.

While the orchestra was playing a short recital, as usual with nothing else to do I skimmed the crowd of kids for photo ops. Then I spotted this one kid who was looking up at the sky whereas everyone else was looking at the performance in front of them. Music from heaven? Perhaps that's something we could ponder on. =D