Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Donald and Lily's Nyonya Food @ Melaka

Melaka is also famous for its Nyona or Peranakan food. One of my favourites is the ayam pongteh, which is basically chicken cooked with potato and oyster sauce. My mom cooks it really well, a recipe that one of our dear neighbours passed to her. So we get to have it for dinner once in a while. Despite the nature of this dish which is tame to the tastebuds, Nyonya food is famous for being spicy. So if you can't handle the heat, you have been warned!

So the last time I was in Melaka my friend brought all of us to Donald and Lily's for some nyonya food. I reckon that this is one of the better places to get your fix of the peranakan delicacies because I remember visiting this restaurant the last time I was in Melaka with some local family friends.

We had some chicken rice prior to this visit so were still a little stuffed. So we shared portions of the food; everyone gets a few mouthfuls! The food here is good. I particularly like the ayam pongteh which reminds me of the one mom's version. Their cendol is good stuff too. They have lots of sago in it, which I really like.


The food here has a very nice home cooked feel so it's comfort food. It tends to get a little crowded because well, they serve good food and many people know that. And oh, do try to get there early because they run out of food quickly.

Donald and Lily's Nyonya Food
Behind of No 31, 
Jalan Tun Tan Cheng lock, 
72500 Melaka.
(You can find it in the Jonker Street area)

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