Monday, July 18, 2011

Japan Trip: Universal Studios

Fresh out of the airport, we headed right away to Universal Studios Japan. A little to soon for me because I usually like using the first day to take in the surroundings and get a good feel of its vibe. But we have a tour itinerary to follow. Bummer. The sky was pouring. And at that moment when it slows down and you think the rain has stopped, the clouds decides to give you a round two shower. Its funny because the last time I visited Universal Studios in Singapore it rained too. I see a trend here.

However you can't really help but feel excited walking through the main entrance with epic Star Wars music blazing like a soundtrack to your life. This will never get old. The rides made up for the sucky weather. It's nice having the sister around because she tends to be more adventurous with these things. I would be happy just snapping photos the whole day. Good thing that the lines were not too long and moved quickly. Personal favourite is definitely the Spiderman themed ride which incorporate 3D effects. I found it surreal being in the thick of action and actually ducked when Dr Octopus threw one of his tentacles in my direction. Such are the fruits of modern technology.

Thank goodness day one was my first and last encounter with the Japanese rain. Subsequent days were blazing hot which I really don't mind except for the fact that it increased my ice-cream consumption. Wait I take that back.  I don't mind it at all. =)


  1. such amazing pictures... this all came from the D90?

  2. Haha thanks! The D90 is quite the capable piece of equipment =)


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