Saturday, February 11, 2012

Asian Night

One thing I do a lot with my group of friends up in Edinburgh are dinner parties. There's usually a theme, which the menu and general banter would revolve around. First time we had it was Italian by Linda, our friend from spaghetti country. Then it was Mexican by Kirsty, who isn't Mexican but did a great job anyway. So no surprises what the theme was when it was my turn to host!

It was actually quite interesting for me because I don't usually cook Asian food. Mom is brilliant at that so I usually experiment with types of food that she don't usually cook, like Italian for example.  I picked out the menu based on what I really miss eating; gyoza, curry chicken, and siu yuk. Pretty ambitious considering that I have never cooked those things before, unless you count that time when mom was teaching me how to cook a curry.

I use recipes from Rasa Malaysia (that by the way have really easy recipes to follow and such a lifesaver when I start missing food from home) for the gyoza and siu yuk. Stuck with mom's recipe for the curry chicken, which requires making your own paste. I have now moved on to May Ploy's ready made curry paste out of pure laziness. Over the past month I seem to have picked up the skill of planning meals around stuff I can make in half an hour.

Thank goodness everything turned out well, and people liked the food. Really good night! As per usual we headed out after getting a wee bit tipsy. Scratch that, some people were smashed when it was time to head out, evident by the lap dancing you'll see in one of the photographs. Ah, good times.

Oh and these are some of the people on my course or Edinburgh Medics, as we like to call ourselves.

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