Thursday, February 23, 2012

So hungry

Been getting intense craving for specific foods lately. And I've sort of stopped cooking because I can't be bothered cleaning up after that annoying flatmate I have who keeps messing up the kitchen. Simply not cleaning up after him anymore so the entire kitchen is a dump right now; bones all over the table, clogged sink, dirty dishes, overflowing garbage. Seems to be the trend with other friends who have flatmates from the same region China. I blame the one child policy; producing a spoilt generation of teenagers who care for no one else other than themselves.

Excuse the rant. Today was not a really good day. Got up early in the morning for lecture. Such a huge effort. Lecturer did not turn up. Had a flat viewing this afternoon. Estate agent did not turn up. Gave him a call and was scolded for apparently being late. Our appointment was at 3pm. We were there before five past three. Agent claimed that he was there and left at 3.08pm. Such delightful customer service.


  1. wow.. rough day huh.. stay cool bro... 
    bdw, i can't live with 'dirty' people too.. ergghhh.. pretty annoying right?
    how hard is it to do some cleaning? can't really understand these kind of people...

  2. love your photos and your style! :)


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