Sunday, April 8, 2012


Some shots from my new job! Better pay, shorter hours, and closer to where I live. Can't wait for summer to come. Exams are about five weeks ahead so I'm really going crazy with trying to cover all the material. It's expected from my course. I just have to get into the whole rhythm going and I'll be fine.

Then it's on to Europe baby; the sun, beach, and ice cold drinks. I'm really looking forward to that. Starting in Spain and making my way to Croatia via Italy and France. Basically all I have sorted out are tickets to Spain and flights back home from Croatia. I have an inter-rail ticket for everything in between and will be going wherever the wind takes me. Can't wait to be on the road with the camera again and getting lost in vast cities. By the end of it I'll probably have enough material for this space to last me a whole year.

Also I've got my accommodation sorted out for next year. I will be living with two of my current flatmates. We found this place that I absolutely love. Huge separate living room. Big kitchen. Double bedrooms with huge bay windows. It was THE perfect flat and at a really good price as well. So that's one less thing that I have to worry about. I move in right after term ends. Time to hit Ikea. I have decided that bean bags are a necessity.

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