Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sun is up

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Hey there, it has definitely been a while since I've posted up here. The main reason will be that I'm generally put off by the new storage limit imposed by Blogger. This means that I have to upload the images to a third party server and copy it code by code here. That takes way too much time. Also processing photos now take considerably much more time. The file size of the pictures taken with the new camera are humongous and takes ages to run to photoshop. I will need to sort these things out if regular posting are to resume. 

This space has been around for the past five years and I would definitely like to keep it alive despite having other life commitments which require much more attention. It's nice looking at the site stats and seeing that they are still constant, which mean you guys are still checking back to see how I am getting on with life. Thanks for the support, it is something I really appreciate and I don't think I've thanked you enough for it! On a completely unrelated note, it is a beautiful day in Edinburgh today. The sun is up. Everything looks yellow and cheerful.

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